Toolkit 2 | Infographic Title Credits - Briefing and Research

Week 1 we had our briefing for creating an opening sequence for an existing film or TV show... using theme, design and the general mood of the story to translate the essence of the film within 30 seconds. This needs to be done either through flat animation, typical of designer Saul Bass (renowed for his existing opening titles for films such as 1955's 'The Man with the Golden Arm'  and 1960's 'Psycho' 1960), or 'pop up'.
My chosen film is 'Whiplash' (2014), directed by Damien Chazelle.
The film follows the destructive student and teacher relationship between Andrew; a "promising young drummer", and Fletcher; an instructor who leads the prestigious "cut-throat music conservatory", Shaffer Conservatory in New York.

Ideally the short would capture this conflict between Fletcher and Andrew, with both their obsession to practise and develop ones talent beyond what's expected.


Potential music from the soundtrack to use (the music is especially important to the film):

Visual Research
Posters [1]
Posters [2]

1950's-1970's Jazz Covers
2014-2017 [1]
2014-2017 [2]
2014-2017 [3]
Earl Newman | Monterey Jazz Festival
Finn Nygaard | 2015 Jazz [1]


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