CG Artist Toolkit- Animation: Panorama Landscape

Friday's lecture had us animating a still landscape in Adobe After Effects.
Before we'd starting importing this image, however, we had to first draw our own environment during the first hour. Being sure to separate the content, into layers like Sky, Clouds, Foreground, Midground and Background- whatever's relevant to the drawing.
This meant that once it was ready to be opened in Adobe After Effects, the layers would remain intact, and we could alter the positions of each one to help given the illusion of distance.
To conclude the animation, we had our camera pan left to right across the full length of the image. This gave an almost cinematic, 3D shot of our original 2D environment

(The photoshop landscape in it's working progress).

It's possible that at some stage, the older and newer version were in some way linked, (possibly because Adobe Animate had read them as an image sequence)... which explains why half way through the footage it cuts between the two backgrounds. 


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