Matte Painting


'Bacchus and Ariadne' by Titian (1520-3)

'The Afternoon' by Caspar David Friedrich.

'Morning in the Riesengebirge' by Caspar David Friedrich.
'Beligan Village of Neuve Eglise', after being heavily bombed. 
'St Martin's Cathedral at Ypres, which was rebuilt using the original plans after the war'

Max Ernst work tends to mock religion (particularly the renaissance, realistic European landscapes), questioning the "sanctity of art" and it's role in prolonging war.
The Matte Painting will take that kind of dark bluish sky, with the golden rimmed horizon line, painted in oils- I was trying out different brushes that give that illusion.
Clear, (the absence of clouds, and 'heaven' often featured in religious paintings), and maybe overexposed like the old photographs capturing the effects of front-line conflict. 


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