Clay Sculpting | Week 5

Eye Lids [Version 1]
Week 5, I'd started working on the eyelids, smoothing out the creases of the nose, mouth and cheeks with surgical spirit, and laying on a layer of clay for the hair.
At this stage of sculpting, despite it being the last lesson, I wish to work into the model for the months to come, to both clear up the hair, and build into the neck, to expand it across to the shoulders. I also wish to rework some areas I feel I can improve further.

Eye Lids [Version 2]

Side View [1]

Back View

Side View [2]

While some of its problems have understandably stemmed from the earliest stages, I have still learnt a lot from the lessons. I feel I'm in a much better position for when I model characters in the future. The goal is to create multiple clay models for my premise project, to practise the art of sculpting by hand, along side the modelling in Maya 2018. I'll update the blog on this further progress.


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