Lighting and Rendering [2] Arnold Part 21: Displacement

Unaltered Image

Dino_HeadHead_0Shape | Subdivision: Type- Catclark; Iterations- 2.0

Assign aiStandard Surface to eyes and head.
Head_SS | Specular: Weight- 0.370; Colour- Light Grey; Roughness- 0.214; IOR- 1.520.
aiStandardSurface25G | Shading Group Attributes: Displacement mat.- file node. Import displacement exr file.

Dino_HeadHead_0Shape | Displacement Attributes: Height- 10.0


Assign aiStandardSurface to model. Create Displacement mat. Delete file node, and create a new file node in the 'Vector Displacement' from sourceimages. 

Toadstool_0Shape | Arnold: Subdivision: Type- Catclark; Iterations- 6.0
Toadstool_0Shape | Arnold: Displacement Attributes: Height- 10.0

displacementShader1| Displacement Attributes: Scale- 0.5


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